Sunday, January 05, 2014

looking up to see all the exciting things that will happen in 2014 - great expectation.  even my ceiling has art - the heads - all different sides of me.
my computer/window wall looking up - paints, silks, twinksH20s on left, 2013 FAT tags hanging over window, computer on left with wall art everywhere.
a small fraction of my fabric, threads, punches, fibers, zippers, buttons, wire/wire cutters, bits of bobs-n-bobbles.
and of course, my favorite thing in any room - my partner in crime - Bear-sey who is going on 11.  the wall behind him - my bin drawers of pens/markers/pencils, watercolor crayons, etc  and on the book shelf my stamp/stencils, felting/pompom makers, yarns/ribbons/lace, chalk, babywipes.

but everything is looking up for 2014 that's what i'ma thinkin'!!

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