Friday, January 17, 2014

Just Notice

i started with a piece of muslin and words printed on my printer and from there a project began to develop. using liquitex inks (only have two for now) i made my own spray inks.  they are quinacridone magenta and iridescent bright gold.
and my Twinkling H20s for more shimmer.
and my Strathmore 140lb Visual Journal, musical washi tape, book text, sharpie marker and snippet of threads from the sprayed ink muslin.
Nathalie at Creative Jumpstart has really helped me move past blasé.
 so its late and i played with my camera trying to capture the true color of my journal page. i think i finally achieved close to what it looks like except you can't really see the shimmer.
Just Notice
be observant
look up
sounds of wonder
creation birthing
spring is upon us
observe, listen, beauty
something was missing in the left bottom corner and i could not leave it alone, so added punched eggs with stamped words.
new beginnings
i called it finished.


Jamie Lynn said...

nicely done

here from CJS2014 Derwent giveaway page

lehtipollo said...

Very lovely! I especially like the translucency of the bird.