Sunday, January 12, 2014

Think 2 Thing

what do you think this is?  painted tape on my AJ page. Marjie Kemper showed us this technique. Creative Jumpstart 2014 with Nathalie is in full swing. come join us you might win one of the great giveaways.
I began this two-page spread and started thinking - not such a great idea or maybe it was - not sure. anyway the texture reminded me of what i feel like my tumor looks like. i've never written about it or my feelings but last night kinda led me down that path. . my OLW 2014 is "thinking" and i thought it funny how "think" so easily becomes "thing" just one quick change.  and that is how life is one little thing can change your life forever. you look at life differently and realize everyday is special, everyday is a gift from God.  so enjoy your life today. go create art - whatever that looks like - enjoy.

pssst -  i am pretty proud of this 'ugly' aj 2-page spread. i don't usually create this small much less two pages at once. i am learning so much.

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