Thursday, January 02, 2014

on my desk

 wondered if I would ever use all the altered cereal box lids, stuff collected to reuse/repurpose and trinkets received from others. answer: yes with documenting life journal.  'best buds' and 'crush' labels are cereal box lids with rub-ons, stamps, and brads.
not really thinking much about what to do  or how to plan out a page just using whatever comes into my hands at my fingertips AND can I say it is so freeing. handmade stamps from secrets classes, tags, washi tape, duct tape, lids and handmade tags,  letter stickers, fabric, pens and more pens to express my thoughts. i am using it all - hallelujah. free at last! thank you Art 2 the 5th.

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Anonymous said...

I was reading a few blogs and someone's word for 2014 is USE, as in USE it all up. Seems like you're doing the same thing, how cool, is that! Have fun with it...
BTW I got here via cjs14; it's nice to meet you and read your blog.