Sunday, January 26, 2014


documenting life wk 5 doodle border - so i knew right away i wanted more than one border on my page. there are two that fold out. earlier in the week i found a really great pic of handles so i created a see-thru of them. loved that! used washi tape to hinge them in the center of my page.

my first border has a metal key attached with small red/white twine. the next border has crowns with diamonds on the spires with words beneath 'he waits for me thru the open door - heart'
when you open the handles to the door inside appears the 'prince' enveloped in a sparkling rhinestone heart. on the inside of the door handles i have words of love and encouragement.  my border doodles are more my handwriting than just crazy doodles but i do love the doodles i did on the two fold out borders.

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