Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thinking Cows Laughed

Documenting Life - wk 4 challenge - secret message with one word showing. i used great texture on my page which i wanted to leave white. the message underneath the tag reveals one word - thinking.
 and as i was putting my washi tape around the borders i noticed i had picked up another 4 pages taped together and there in the middle formed a secret little tunnel.
 i sprayed homemade acrylic paint inside and inserted a painted muslin piece which had a child's joke handwritten on it.  only one word revealed - 'cows'. i do love this happy accident.
earlier in the process of another project i glued book text to a spray painted piece of fabric and looking through my clip 'laughed' appeared.  and so to document my life today  - thinking cows laughed ' -  don't take yourself so seriously.

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