Monday, January 20, 2014

What's Your Angle?

this is my assemblage from CJS. I've been working on it ever since the class technique was shown.  but my eye for composition needs to be strengthened. so I fussed over it and I fussed over it. it lay on my table and I would look at it and then look away.
 finally, this morning something just seemed to all connect and I began to paint the background with Twinkling H20s with the tiny little brush dabbing, dabbing small areas filling it with color.  the more I dabbed the more I liked it.
 I played with my camera and arrangements of photography - casting shadows, indoors, outdoors, in the chair and in my purple ribbon wreath.  it seems to actually belong there.
'Perception is everything' is the name of this assemblage.

i love how the little birdie sitting in its nest has a view from the top and kitty leisurely watches upon doggie's back. doggie took the time to dig up all these treasures and of course he is so proud of his finds. the man-n-th'-spoon views it all as total wonder bc perception is everything.  i love the number 11 and the green hand symbolizes everything in recycling, found treasures and "Go Green".

now i love it. well there are some things i would do differently if i could but overall i learned so much from this little project. thank you to Spoon Mini Canvas from Anna Dabrowski and  Creative Jumpstart thru N*Studio for stretching my imagination.


Scrapin'Sue said...

This is so cute and the color made all the difference. You've inspired me to do one of my own.

Jamie Lynn said...

It looks great and ^5 on making this project technique your own

here from CJS2014 StencilGirl link page