Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Spirit-n-Soul Hanging

so here goes - this one is for Suze, Creative Jumpstart teacher and Nathalie at N*Studio
Suze showed us her wall hanging rod she created so i gave it a go.
started with this - 2 wrapping paper rolls made into one large rod
and added these  

tapes, linen home-dec fabric as base.
ribbons, lace, yarns
fabrics of all types.
and finished with this - my Spirit-n-Soul hanging
I'm not finished yet but you can see its temporarily hanging downstairs in my living room. I decided to use my collection of trade dolls to create my Spirit-n-Soul hanging
 close-ups of a few of the dolls. first one from UU,

and the center doll is one I did years ago with beading, cabochon gem face,  decorative stitch fabric with beads and the two small dolls came from Australia me thinks. the words in between the dolls read "spotlight theatre high". that piece of fabric is hand-dyed with words added using tulip.
its not finished yet - think I will add beads, buttons, baubles hanging down along with fabric scraps and hand-made fabric beads from an Alma Stoller class. 


Jasperkid said...

I am so excited by your Spirit-n-Soul Hanging. The trade dolls also caught my eyes. Any place to find them, how to make them, how to buy them?
Thanks again for your wonderful spirit and your living love of God.

marsha. said...

Oh wow! You made one!!!

Cuchy said...

WOW such a cool project. Love the dolls!!
Thank you for joining CJS and play along.

Jamie Lynn said...


here from CJS2014 Luminarte giveaway page

Nathalie Kalbach said...

so much fun- love it. Thank you for playing along in teh Lumnarte giveway and CJS2014