Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thinking X Marks Spot

doesn't this look yummy enough to eat?  fast'nfinal lightweight spackling
burlap and spackling painted - a Dina Wakley technique w/ joint compound
my OLW 2014 "thinking" - strawberry container stencil with letters spelling "thinking" and my burlap cut into shape of 'x'. where's this all leading?

but of course to Creative Jumpstart 2014 with Nathalie.  come join us.


Maria McGuire said...

It does look yummy! :) Great use of the strawberry container! Thanks so much for entering our giveaway on Creative Jumpstart.

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lehtipollo said...

Love your page with the burlap X! The lettering looks great too.

Jamie Lynn said...


here from CJS2014 StencilGirl link page

Nathalie Kalbach said...

love the texture. thanks for being part of CJS 2014!