Monday, March 23, 2009

Charmed All 51 I'm Sure


have i mentioned before i get bored easily, esp. repeating myself in my art. 51 charms for Inspired 09 due march 25th. here are a few of the examples of what i've made. the middle
charms are fabric, utee and beads.

Hubby goes for colonoscopy tomorrow and then if he feels up to it we head to see our oldest son in the afternoon. so no time like the present to get it done.

yippee, another deadline met and moving on to the scrapbook one-word pages. i had
stalled on those so i will begin work on them tuesday before i go back to work at eow.


Fannie said...

bravo, dove! amazing pieces. i admire you. thanks for sharing.

morningDove said...

hi fannie: glad to see you are feeling better and up and around.
i met the deadline, so important to me. thank you for the compliment.

have you ever noticed the word verifications you get sometimes. mine for yours was "traitabe". Abe had many traits i would like to have.

Sherry said...

Great charms Dove. I so wish there was more time in a day so I could've joined more of the swaps.