Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Birth Right

Close Up - Our Birthright
The Womb became a Tomb

I am working on a Dream House round robin with a wonderful group of artists. My dream house is more about what makes each one of us a home from the inside out. My cover began with the painted canvas of yellow and black. From there i added the spoon technique Noel shared with us on FAT Technique week. My Native American Creative Mother carries seeds in her womb. She also stands as a symbol of the opposite spirit that has aborted children in our country.
There are three babies - two in the womb and one has been birthed. I love Anne Geddes photography. So i created my own womb in a flower with the babies enclosed in the petals. The maiden's wings have a butterfly enclosed for new birth and transformation and an angel holding her heart that reads "Hug Me." So many children just want to be loved, cuddled, hugged and encouraged; so many orphans. They want an opportunity for their dreams, desires, ideas and words to be expressed.
She wears a beer cap halo. It is very significant in my life right now. Kind of an oxymoron I think - a tarnished, imperfect halo placed on her head by mankind. Her clothes are covered in hands. More symbolism. You know the saying, "The Hands that rock the cradle rules the world" or something like that.
Three white keys represent my three sons. They remain white bc one doesn't really know what's written on them or what doors they might open. As I was working on this cover so many feelings flooded my senses.
It represents ideas, thoughts, creativity, inventions and so much the world will miss out on bc we chose to abort our future generations - a womb became a tomb.


Sherry said...

Very creative Dove. You come up with some of the neatest ideas and thoughts.

Reflections of life and art said...

Very, very well done...your last statement says it all!
Dove, this rr sounds interesing, one you're excited about and that showes in your creativity.


Melb. said...

This is just beautiful Dove.