Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 13th - God's Day and Number

Birthing of A Pearl

This is part of a 3-D piece that will be added to a page on my rr dream house book. I love the mulberry bark inside the oyster shell. Sherry and i did the same class ions ago and she sent me the mulberry bark. i tend to hoard my stash forever. but this is a special piece and worth using the bark for.

Today my son works his first day at a new job. Friday the 13th is a day of blessing not cursing. I am so excited for him. Plus he is working on a song to be released in the church worship. He has persevered and God has blessed him.
God's Word grows more precious to me everyday. Relationships - communication, listening!

I'm reading in Numbers right now. When Baalim's donkey turns and talks to him that is hilarious. Why do you think the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord but Baalim didn't? I love the stories of pets saving their owners lives. God can use whatever, whomever, however He likes.

Baalim is asked to come meet a king who wants him to curse a people group. It so happens it is Israel. The first high place of Baal he observed the extent of the people. But the Word God gave him to speak was a blessing on Israel.
So the king took him to a different place where he could see only the outer border of all the people. But still God would only give Baalim Word of Blessings to speak.

In the 3rd place overlooking wasteland the king thinks surely he will get his way. This time Baalim did not seek to use sorcery. That's what the Word says. BUT set his face toward the wilderness RAISED his eyes and saw Israel encamped according to their tribes AND the Spirit of God came upon him. THEN his eyes saw so differently. I feel like Baalim, i remember when i only saw man's ways BUT now I see through the eyes of Jesus and everything looks different.

A song came to my remembrance from childhood:

every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before,
every day with Jesus I love him more and more.
He's the one who keeps me and
He's the one i'm living for.
Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.
Happy Friday 13th Blessings.

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Sherry said...

congrats to son, Dove. God is good.