Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Glory of Passion

I decided to do another wing totally different from my first one. The wings are snap sewn onto a small butterfly. The wings move and can be detached. I chose the words "Special, Dream and Hope" for my journal words. I loved putting this one together.

Here it is with wings closed.

And here they are together. The wings are open on the butterfly.

loved listening to the pastor today speak about the glory of the Lord and our passion. The hero is in the house and we should give him all honor. yes and amen.

He spoke of when Uzziah died and Isaiah saw the Lord on His throne. It was hard economic times and the political climate was not great either but his eyes were not looking down or all around. Isaiah was looking up - his focus on target - watching the Lord in all His glory.

I want that passion - the passion that says no matter what i'm going on in the Lord. I know who my creator is, i know where my help comes from!! My son led worship even though he was feeling really bad. He has lost weight and believe me he was a rail already. Of course i cried during worship. There is something about being in worship that cleanses the soul and when you can really leave everything behind and worship the Creator its even better. Worship is all about HIM not us.

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Sherry said...

i seem to cry every time i'm in worship. can't explain it, but i feel better when i leave.