Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspiration Food 2 Sunset

Nathalie ask us at the end of CJS what inspires us. well today my fresh salad and household utensils inspire me.  I will never look at my kitchen gadgets the same again. everything is fair game for arting. and this inspired me this afternoon: sunset at my hubby's homeplace. how awesome is this. it can't get any better than this.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

the Number 12

old computer paper that came in a ream and old calendars along with garbage bag monoprinting
a garbage bag print picks up like a gelli print where as a glass print does not
my homemade rubber band stamp - roman numeral 12 XII
the beginning of a little steampunk layout. Welcome to the House of Fun.
and fun it has been for me this month of January with CJS and Nathalie and Louise Nelson teaching monoprinting with a garbage bag.

Arting Everyday

all three bubble wrap pieces reflecting light.
CJS has been amazing this year.

and if you have never experienced Kathryn's art and classes you should check her out. discovered her on 21 Secrets.  i created my january calendar inspired by her and tam at willowing.
more technique from CJS.
i have so enjoyed creating and playing every day this month of January.  love all the snow on the ground and the cold weather too. it feels great.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hidden Keys

CJS Andrea Gomoll's technique with bubble wrap. my hidden keys reflected thru the painted, ironed bubble wrap.  loving this technique.
another round sample reflecting my hidden keys. 

my samples thru the eyes of light. so many ideas running through my mind.
thanks again to Nathalie

Monday, January 27, 2014

What Inspired Me 2day

Nathalie asked us on CJS today what inspires us -

a walk with my hubby down Duke of Gloucester in 66o weather in January. everyone enjoying their day out. children filled the street, making their own pathway, runners zoomed by in their shorts and some with no shirts at all, horse carriage and tourists exploring the area but what caught my eye as all ways -

I love ornamental details, statutes and wrought iron works. it fascinates me.
Governor's Palace

Found Broccoli N Potato Stamp

She Found Her Broccoli n a Potato Stamp
Yay Go Green

On CJS Jamie Dougherty's technique was carving a potato. what's not to like - simple, fast, fun, cheap, easily made stamp. my whimsical little girl on a head of broccoli surrounded by potato stamp border.  thanks again Nathalie

Sunday, January 26, 2014


documenting life wk 5 doodle border - so i knew right away i wanted more than one border on my page. there are two that fold out. earlier in the week i found a really great pic of handles so i created a see-thru of them. loved that! used washi tape to hinge them in the center of my page.

my first border has a metal key attached with small red/white twine. the next border has crowns with diamonds on the spires with words beneath 'he waits for me thru the open door - heart'
when you open the handles to the door inside appears the 'prince' enveloped in a sparkling rhinestone heart. on the inside of the door handles i have words of love and encouragement.  my border doodles are more my handwriting than just crazy doodles but i do love the doodles i did on the two fold out borders.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Give Me Some Skin

mary beth shaw's technique using skewers and mediums to make skins.

another great technique on CJS with Nathalie*Studio.

and on another note my skin is giving me a fit. my BC is acting up and put me in the bed for two days very ill with inflammation. i wish i knew someone that went the natural  route on this disease. sigh

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fairey Glitz

look at all that glitter and layering from deli paper and paper from Marsha Valk and Samie Harding
some of the supplies I used - Pan Pastels, glitter glue, Swiffer sheet, magazine stencil, deli paper, found jewelry star, painted papers and more
Glitter Fairey - CJS Samie Harding Transp. Layering Tech.1-22-14 
thanks again to nathalie at N*Studio

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vision Board 3D

one of my monoprints closeup

my little junk scrap homemade stamp people

Teamwork Heart Replacement monoprints Cat Scanlon class

my vision board 3D grows bigger with CJS techniques, the vision is becoming more real everyday.         
check out N*Studio for Creative Jump Start. 

remember this he may be only the chimney sweeper but he is reaching for his star, never give up on your dreams.


What CJS project is on my desk

paperbag art journal by Catherine Scanlon
i made these yesterday with glass (instead of gelli plate), paints, stencils, homemade stamps - monoprinting technique
thanks once again to N*Studio

Monday, January 20, 2014

What's Your Angle?

this is my assemblage from CJS. I've been working on it ever since the class technique was shown.  but my eye for composition needs to be strengthened. so I fussed over it and I fussed over it. it lay on my table and I would look at it and then look away.
 finally, this morning something just seemed to all connect and I began to paint the background with Twinkling H20s with the tiny little brush dabbing, dabbing small areas filling it with color.  the more I dabbed the more I liked it.
 I played with my camera and arrangements of photography - casting shadows, indoors, outdoors, in the chair and in my purple ribbon wreath.  it seems to actually belong there.
'Perception is everything' is the name of this assemblage.

i love how the little birdie sitting in its nest has a view from the top and kitty leisurely watches upon doggie's back. doggie took the time to dig up all these treasures and of course he is so proud of his finds. the man-n-th'-spoon views it all as total wonder bc perception is everything.  i love the number 11 and the green hand symbolizes everything in recycling, found treasures and "Go Green".

now i love it. well there are some things i would do differently if i could but overall i learned so much from this little project. thank you to Spoon Mini Canvas from Anna Dabrowski and  Creative Jumpstart thru N*Studio for stretching my imagination.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sisters Share SheART

tape transfer with Kaz Hall on CJS 2014 and nathalie
done according to Kaz - library copy came out black/white even though pic was color.
i placed two pieces of small square fabric under the faces and a colored heart fabric in the center. then wrote with my Dermatograph pencils the word "SISTERS". i love how this transfer turned out.  will use it on a page in my "Documenting Life 2014" journal. 
i placed it in a prominent place in my SHE LIFE STORY journal - inside the cover on the first page.  this was so empowering to do!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thinking Cows Laughed

Documenting Life - wk 4 challenge - secret message with one word showing. i used great texture on my page which i wanted to leave white. the message underneath the tag reveals one word - thinking.
 and as i was putting my washi tape around the borders i noticed i had picked up another 4 pages taped together and there in the middle formed a secret little tunnel.
 i sprayed homemade acrylic paint inside and inserted a painted muslin piece which had a child's joke handwritten on it.  only one word revealed - 'cows'. i do love this happy accident.
earlier in the process of another project i glued book text to a spray painted piece of fabric and looking through my clip 'laughed' appeared.  and so to document my life today  - thinking cows laughed ' -  don't take yourself so seriously.


Nathalie's Creative Jumpstart inspired my Kaz Hall's tape transfer. i ran a cute drawing one of my sons did years ago thru my hp inkjet printer on photo paper following Kaz's directions.                           the cute pup on left is the transfer.
and here is the finished page.
 'she nodded, i know you.'
She and Hottie together again. 
 funny thing is my oldest son has a doggie that has her body type but is black.
products: Adirondack acrylic dabber, homemade liquitex spray, White Cap Photo Paper, Dermatograph pencils, packing tape, book texts

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just Notice

i started with a piece of muslin and words printed on my printer and from there a project began to develop. using liquitex inks (only have two for now) i made my own spray inks.  they are quinacridone magenta and iridescent bright gold.
and my Twinkling H20s for more shimmer.
and my Strathmore 140lb Visual Journal, musical washi tape, book text, sharpie marker and snippet of threads from the sprayed ink muslin.
Nathalie at Creative Jumpstart has really helped me move past blasé.
 so its late and i played with my camera trying to capture the true color of my journal page. i think i finally achieved close to what it looks like except you can't really see the shimmer.
Just Notice
be observant
look up
sounds of wonder
creation birthing
spring is upon us
observe, listen, beauty
something was missing in the left bottom corner and i could not leave it alone, so added punched eggs with stamped words.
new beginnings
i called it finished.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Document Life Wk 3 Mail Envy

in my art journal I added a 2-page spread of flip-out or may be what they call tip-ins mail art envies.
closeup - left side with base of washi tapes - top envy verizon recycled envelope about 'words', musical washi tape, coupon, fabric folded poppy,
right side gorgeous mail art birthday card, beautiful stamps, fabric flowers, stamp
painted lutradur with fabric and written 'blah, blah, blah' bc sometimes that's all you feel like people are hearing as you speak or that's all you hear as someone is speaking.
all the gifting goodness on the inside of the envies - lutradur dryersheet flower, aceo, fabric postcard and felted postcard.

Week 3 - mail art envy for Documenting Life 2014 was really fun to do - so much on each one of the envelopes. i will keep coming back to these two pages to enjoy the fun in creating them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Favorite Tool

Nathalie at Creative Jumpstart ask us to tell you what our favorite tool is - mine would be organization.  i have cleaned my art studio and now am really cleaning all my art areas (every room in the house just about) lol - i want to be able to get to everything quickly and to be able to use all my art supplies/fabrics this year to create.

other than organization it would be for now my rotary cutter.

but my camera is another great tool for me bc i am learning to see thru a different lens other than my eyes.  i find many times looking thru my camera gives me a different perspective so i can correct my composition.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Think 2 Thing

what do you think this is?  painted tape on my AJ page. Marjie Kemper showed us this technique. Creative Jumpstart 2014 with Nathalie is in full swing. come join us you might win one of the great giveaways.
I began this two-page spread and started thinking - not such a great idea or maybe it was - not sure. anyway the texture reminded me of what i feel like my tumor looks like. i've never written about it or my feelings but last night kinda led me down that path. . my OLW 2014 is "thinking" and i thought it funny how "think" so easily becomes "thing" just one quick change.  and that is how life is one little thing can change your life forever. you look at life differently and realize everyday is special, everyday is a gift from God.  so enjoy your life today. go create art - whatever that looks like - enjoy.

pssst -  i am pretty proud of this 'ugly' aj 2-page spread. i don't usually create this small much less two pages at once. i am learning so much.

Thinking X Marks Spot

doesn't this look yummy enough to eat?  fast'nfinal lightweight spackling
burlap and spackling painted - a Dina Wakley technique w/ joint compound
my OLW 2014 "thinking" - strawberry container stencil with letters spelling "thinking" and my burlap cut into shape of 'x'. where's this all leading?

but of course to Creative Jumpstart 2014 with Nathalie.  come join us.