Sunday, January 18, 2009

Answered Prayer

Do you ever wonder where your post goes if it disappears? Well I found this pic and post in the drafts. I didn't realize it goes there instead of disappearing totally. I just love Sherry's work. She made me an embroidered scarf, an ATC and a bag of great yarn. thank you Sherry, sorry for being late in the post.

On the 12th I began to prayer about a specific need. God informed me to just leave it up to Him and trust Him. Well, I must say today I had the perfect phone call to that request. It was a very specific request.

Listening to Dick Woodward's "The Four Secrets" I received for Christmas I love this

Jesus Christ + nothing = Everything

Jesus Christ + something = Nothing

think about it - anything you try to add to who Christ is and what He's already
done amounts to nothing. It's All Him or nothing. I'll take everthing please.