Sunday, January 11, 2009


Bleeding Heart

is the title of this little piece of watercolor. I was testing out the Signo new pens I purchased.
More watercolor with Eric Carle. I love that I chose this little 3x5 notebook to doodle and play in. My One Little Word for 2009 keeps me pondering every day so far - healing.

yesterday was a great day spent with hubby walking our dog in the park. As we were coming across the bridge we could see a woman preparing her kayak. Hubby looked at me and said, "you know that would be fun to do." And my not-s0-great-swimmer attitude jumped right back with, "not in this life time." But as we approached the lady she gave attention to our lab. Seems she had a lab that had recently passed away after 14 years. We continued to talk and one thing led to another. Guess my not-so-great-a-swimmer attitude might be changing. We will have to see.

After moving into her 60's she took up kayaking in a group here locally. They are preparing to trek down to The Keys and camp/kayak. She was so excited and might I add not a good swimmer either. All my reasons for not wanting to do it went out the window the longer we stood there talking to her. Her enthusiasm for the sport was very convincing. Who knows maybe you will see a post of a kayak on here before too long.

The thing hubby and I both love - nature, taking pics in nature, exploring hide-aways on the lakes and waterways, walking. The lady said she can't walk but she has the strength in her upper body to be able to kayak. Go figure. I believe this might be considered a divine appointment. Her group even has people in it that loan you a kayak for a time - test driving without buying to figure out what you like or if you like it enough to continue.


Sue said...

Glad you and hubby enjoyed your day yesterday. I'd love to see some kayaking posts!! Sounds like fun!

morningDove said...

i did go on line and check the sites the lady suggested. we'll see.

studioGypsy said...

oh DOVE! you must you must!! definitely divine appt, indeed. beauteous and what courage on your part to see it... loveyous. xo