Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just Another Love Song

Alphabet Letter "D" Inchie Swap for Inspired

Inspired 2009 is in May in Charlotte, NC. I am looking forward to meeting up with Sherry and Fannie there. A group of ladies setup a group to chat before the big event and are doing swaps amongst themselves. I decided to jump in on an alphabet inchie swap. I took the letter "D".

Here is the tiny little piece of artwork. The couple pictured is the Downey's, who created Inspired and host it every year. I mailed my 26 inchies out to the host, Stella, yesterday. That's one finished project and how many more to go?!?!?!?
Dare To Trust God
Peter speaking to Jesus "Lord, if it is You,
command me to come to You on the water."
So He said, "Come."
This is the story in the Bible where at some point the disciples notice a "figure" out on the sea while they are in the boat. And Peter being the daring one that he is spoke these words.
I am always intrigued with stories of people where they cry out to God just as they have planned on killing themselves. I heard one of them last night - the lady was very successful in the Hollywood area and lived on the California beach. So far, so great, wouldn't you say!! But her life was empty, void of something. So she had planned on taking her last run along the beach and then just running in to the ocean until she drowned. But during her run she was crying out to God - "If You are real God show me a sign," she said. Just as she was coming back down the beach she looked up and saw a cross moving up the mountainside. She could not see Arthur Blessit carrying His cross. Arthur Blessit relayed that she came running to him, screaming and he figured she was angry at it. So he prepared for the worse - to be verbally and physically attacked. BUT she was weeping from relief that God had heard her pleas of desperation. He led her to Jesus Christ right there. Arthur Blessit carried that cross all over the world bc God ask him too. What is God asking you to do but you aren't sure its really Him asking?
Those are the LOVE stories I long to hear. I never get tired of hearing how God woos us to Him to show us how much HE loves us. I know I am one of those LOVE stories and am ever grateful to Christ every day for expressing His love for me. The song on my lips I hope all will hear all the time - I LOVE YOU LORD and I give You praise.


Jacq said...

I like your inchie, so much detail.

Fannie said...

is it may yet?