Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Blew It

What happens when your friends wait for you to come play? they dry up - well if they're paints that is. I loved the dye-na-flow paints and purchased them several years back. But i waited too long to play with them - so this is what i found - you can't really see it - but they are pretty much dried up.

I blew it and blew it some more
its never too late

So with what I had left I made a small journal page - 3x5. As I worked I thought about how many times I've blown it in life. So since there wasn't much left in only a few bottles out came the straw and I blew and blew and blew some more. Actually this was a very healing process for me.
I realize I like to buy new products, new books, and new supplies. But and here is the tough realization; I don't want to use them because I might use them all up or wear them out. I think that is a childhood fear from being reared in a family of 5 children with a single mom.

I need to set my goals higher and focus on using one thing a day no matter if it is the last of it.
Trust is an issue here I believe. Don't let yourself dry up - don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Oh boy - I am talking to myself. Really talking to my inner self.


studioGypsy said...
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Val Foster said...

Great post, and great journal page. I can very much relate what you're saying here. I too am afraid to use some things, some of the time. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

There's a good lesson here...I am guilty of the same thing - hoard something good, waiting for the perfect time to use it and by then it's too late. Thanks for the reminder to use the good stuff first!

Sherry said...

well, well, guess I'd better get mine outof the package and see if they have dried up. Thanks for the reminder.

Jacq said...

I have to agree, I am always buying stuff and then hate to use it. I might have a more worthy project to use it on later. I guess I could always but more if I did use something up.;-)

debmck said...

mDove, this is a very profound thought and really got me to thinking. I'm guilty of this too--seems I'm always waiting for divine inspiration. If I can't create something akin to a Michaelangeo, then I'll just wait...and wait...and then it dries up. Kind of like our creativity if we don't exercise it, huh? Thanks for such a thoughtful post. debmck

studioGypsy said...

m.DOVE! i totally blew it myself commenting on your post! talk about vulnerability! aye aye... wrote this this morning and must have still been sleepy eyed! aye aye!! do forgive me, sweets! YOU Dove are Inspiration!! ;) xoxo