Thursday, January 22, 2009

Northern Lights

I received this felted postcard from sue on the FAT Felt Like Winter trade.
What i really love about this card are the three feathers. They represent each one of my sons in the galaxy. Her little card enclosed shared she is an original felt doll maker. Check out her website. Sue also enclosed more felted beads. You can really see it but the orange ball is an actual felted ball. The dimension in this is wonderful.

In my daily Bible reading I am in the story of Joseph. He had a dream and shared it with his family - 10 brothers and father. They were not to happy that he saw them bowing down to him.
Through many false imprisonments and accusations he has not defended himself but left it up to God. I don't think I would have been so silent. But now he has been made second in command only underneath the pharaoh. He is responsible for handing out all the food in the land bc of a famine. His brothers have come down from Canaan to purchase food from him. They do not know who he is bc they believe him to be dead. His heart is so toward his father and youngest brother - the only other child by his mother.

Well what do you think after all these years the brothers are doing but bowing down to their brother? Twists of events in our lives shape us and develop character us in to help us accept the challenges that lie ahead. What turn-of-events are shaping your life right now?? Can you see the big picture of why GOD has allowed past events to happen in your life.

Every day I am very aware of the chosen word for me this year - "Healing". I ponder the twisting of the mind that would move a man who loves his only son and wife to take his own life.
Desperate times should lead us to fall on our face before God and cry out to him. He makes all the difference in the world.


Fannie said...

The story of Joseph is a story with many principles within. The one that sticks out the most to me at this time is the idea of truth, that if we live in truth, speak the truth and let the consequences follow, our path will be led in the direction He has for us.

I don't understand the taking of one's life. It is a sad occurrence.

I don't know if I can see the big picture, but I see the blessings that have come from my challenges, and the gifts that were before me during those times when grief surrounded me.

I wish you healing . . .

Jacq said...

What a beautful picture.

Sherry said...

Beautiful card you received Dove. I also love the feathers. I have a tatoo on my right wrist with a rose tied to two feathers. The feathers represent my daughter and my grandaughter. The Lord is testing my 2009 word, "Patience". I'm having to work really hard with it and pray more than usual.

morningDove said...

thanks fannie for your insight. when the word "healing" came to me at the beginning of the new year i only thought of physical healing. narrow-minded me. my mind has definitely been expanded to see much more.

sherry soon i get to see that tattoo in person. what a beautiful remembrance of three generations. The rose between two thorns - not that they are thorns but loved ones can be taxing and trying of patience.

jacq i used the stamp pads you gave me. thank you.

Melb. said...

Love the postcard. Funny I just told someone this morning that God is interested in our character. And yes, you are so right, the events in our lives build character to not only accept those future challenges but I think to work through them and be a witness to our Lord.