Friday, January 23, 2009

One Word Inspire Journal


I reread the directions for making the Inspired journal pages. It says to keep it simple so the journaler can put her thoughts on each page that is made. So I used alphabet stencils, plastic scrim (think that is what it is), a flower stamp, a little handmade ATC with all the info for the back and a ribbon.

I just rubbed with ink pad over the scrim to cover the white page. Then stamped several flowers on the page along with my one word for 2009 "Healing." The little person I made several days ago out of crumpled-up newspaper was reduced and made into an ATC. On the back of the ATC I put my one word "Healing", Inspired 2009 One Word Journal Page, my email addy, place where Inspired is being held, date, the number of participants 31 and the hostess - Jilliene. I am signing them and putting where I live too. I like it when I can see who made the page and where they live.

I am half-way through making them. 15 more to go. Yes!!!


Sherry said...

Oh my, I haven't started; just did a couple of trial runs. Did you do the back the same way?

morningDove said...

just left back plain with my ATC attached. do you think i should?

Sherry said...

That is totally up to you. I will most likely put a little color on my backs.

Fannie said...

wonderful, dove!