Monday, January 05, 2009

Pregnant With Divine Purpose

Now today's devotional impressed me in the sense of being "pregnant" with the dreams and visions of God. I was wondering the other day where I was in all the things God had spoken to me. "Stretching" you know those dreaded stretch marks when in the end you feel like there is no more room in the womb. But then well somewhere a little more is there! The devotional says that "revelation never comes in its mature state." Neither does a baby - thank God my youngest didn't come out like he is now - 6'3". That would have been a long push. lol.

The seed of revelation has to "get in you" before it can grow and begin to stretch you.
Now hear is the revelation for me today - we all hate "stretching" don't we? Stretching usually means inconvenience, changes, interruptions, irritations (like the pearl being developed from the sand), out-of-sorts, attitudes; my list could go on and on and on. I am in the stretching process bc I need to be more like Christ in my actions, my mindset and my love.

Where are you being stretched today?
Count it all joy my friend.
But I must say I'm not there yet, bc He is still shaping me.
Was Michelangelo too old when he began design on dome of St. Peter's Basilica at 72?
Was Stradivarius too old when two of his most revered violins were crafted at 90s?
Was Helen Keller too old to publish the book Teacher at 75?
Was the Honda Honey too old when she rode 2800 miles on a motorcycle at 80?
Then what is it that you still have/want to do but you keep saying you are too old?
Dear Father: Like Mary said, "Be it unto me..."
Help me to bring to pass the dream You put in me.
Grant me grace to walk in obedience and
faith as You "stretch" me and mold me.
Help me carry Your seed until
it is fully revealed to the world.
In Jesus Name, Amen."
Today my stretching will come in the form of sickness while finishing my taxes for tomorrow.
Lord grant me the clear head I need to be accurate and honor Caesar with what You say we are to do.


Fannie said...

Stretch! Wonderful, inspiring, thoughtful . . . Thanks for sharing, Dove!

morningDove said...

hi fannie you are welcome.