Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Danced - a swirling passage

She Danced
It all flows in together. The dress and swirl of colors become one. Coming off the cruise I still hear the sounds of the Caribbean in my head. The salsy beats and gospel Jamaican reggae. The disco club on the top at the very rear of the ship sets an atmosphere all its own. We didn't even venture there this time. Piano bar, guitar solos, Christmas quartets and many people we never met join in to sing together. The love of music does bind us all together even when all does not appeal to us. Still there is something about the beat that brings us in unity.
I Come From
I come from
the other side of clouds, moon and sun
where God sits enthroned enjoying all His own.
I come from
Eve - breath breathed in and softly spoken;
body parts all connected, no bones yet broken.
I come from
a glance, a kind word spoken, moments taken,
a breath wisped on a gentle breeze,
that feeling of the rustling of the leaves.
I come from
pain and suffering, losses great healed over time.
a reoccuring dream that brings me to my knees
realizing it was only in my psyche and my mind.
I come from
current moving fast but not of anything to last
- a meandering river flowing of words
I've grown accustom to.
I come from
thoughts mounted up and taken wings
loud voices, hurtful stares and scary things.
I come from
-amidst the passing of time to a life I call all mine.
-author ME


Sherry said...

Ah! Your poems are getting better each day. Love this one.

morningDove said...

thank you Sherry for kind comment.

studioGypsy said...

lovely. xo