Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Three Home Boys

I did this page for SJ prompt Release/Receive. The three eggs in my nest represent my sons. The word "sanctuary" is showing in the egg that has cracked wide open. Free/released to realize
home is his sanctuary where he can come back to and feel safe, be refreshed and loved. On one egg is the word "stress" and on the other "calm". The phrase "inspire your imagination" is across the bottom of the eggs. I used old business cards for the back of my eggs and fabric contact paper to cover them. I've been shredding paperwork so thought why not put it to good use. I will build up the nest around the eggs more so that it is full and surrounding the eggs. On some of the little blue pieces of shredded paper are words to release and then words to receive.

I'm not finished with this idea. I am expanding and playing with it preparing to use it for a banner and sign over my studio door.


femminismo said...

Whoa! This is great. What a wonderful idea, and I love it as a banner for over your door. A reminder every day of your sons and your motherly purpose, I suppose, is the way I see it. jeanne in Oregon

Lady North said...

O this is amazing. When I enlarge it, I almost want to jump in and and build up the nest around those eggs! I really must get back into doing some more paper ripping and strips! Thanks for the inspiration!

Susan Hosken said...

This is a great artist journal page. lots of love from susan in australia

Christy said...

Dove this is one of my top favs so far for the journal pages / prompts in 2009. This is lovely and has such great meaning!

Laura Kay said...

This is great!! Love the mixed media use!!!