Monday, January 19, 2009

GRABS and Vision Board

My rock, my light, my shield

today I am reading A Passion for the Possible by Jean Houston. Kathryn was reading Vision Board and the author used an acronym called GRABS which stands for G- gratitude, R- release and receive, A- acknowledge and ask, B- be and believe, and S- share. My SJ prompt was to use my personal images with torn papers on a journal page. I like what she says, "the verb "grabs" holds within it the secret for realizing our dreams."

During my prayer time when I was praying for Pres.-elect Obama the Lord dropped in my spirt these words - "they cried out for a king and I gave them one." I am reminded of the story in the Bible about when Israel saw all the countries around them with a king and they began to be dissatisfied with God and wanted to be like all the others with a ruler over them. Saul was chosen to be that king. If you've never read this Bible passage, the book of 1st Samuel, you should take the time to.


Sherry said...

Very nice Dove. Who are you working with on the Soul Journal? Did I miss reading something way back?

morningDove said...

Hey Sherry: the Soul Journal group is a group focused on journaling with weekly prompts. Nothing to do with Inspired. thanks for asking.