Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blessed 2008

I am so blessed. Early this morning around 6am I went to Walmart to finish shopping for Christmas dinner. Right in the crossing lane before the front door lay this penny. I had been
praying and talking to God as I was walking from the truck to the store. Isn't God great!!!

Every day is a blessing from God. And isn't it ironic the year is 2008 on the penny. In God I want to trust more than ever for 2009. Merry Christmas Eve day. I hope you feel the love!!


Fannie said...

I feel the love, Dove! I hope you feel it too!

Merry Christmas, Dear Friend. You are loved.


Jacq said...

Merry Christmas Dove.

Sherry said...

God is good and you are truly blessed. We are all blessed! Merry Christmas my dear friend. Big hugs and lots of love.