Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too Funny

Yesterday oldest son began the work on our bedroom. Needless to say stuff is every where.
My middle son decided he would mess with his dad. They love sending pics back and forth to tease each other. I received a call from hubby saying, "I've seen the bedroom so I think I will be staying another day to play golf." I laughed about the whole thing.

Truly it is better he delay coming home another day to give us a chance to put everything back in and clean up. He would be so behind us picking up things that we would need to use. I guess
that's what a perfectionist does. I wouldn't know bc i am the slob, so they say, in the family. But i can find everything i need in my piles.

This is giving me an opportunity to weed out stuff, esp. old books. They are going to the library and DAV. Walls primed, getting ready to paint(check). Keep sorting clothes, books, stuff.(check)
focused(check). See you all later, the new year is fast approaching.


Sherry said...

I know exactly what you mean. My DH is the perfectionist and I'm the clutterer. Like you, I have piles everywhere, but I know exactly where everything is I need. If I clean and organize, I forget where I put stuff so I have to label everything.

Jacq said...

Good for you, ending the year with this project. I think a little purging might be good for my soul. You do inspire.

Sue said...

You're going to be all organized for the new year!