Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunset and Headed to SC

Don't let the sun set being angry.

I captured this sunset at the

end of our first cruise day.

I packed my hubby's bags and off we went this morning up the interstate to meet his dear friend. For the last three years they have headed to SC for guy time and golfing. I gladly wish him good health and traveling mercies. My hubby deserves this time. He is so busy throughout the year working for all his family. I hope they have the best time ever.

On the other hand he left us with a list to do. My oldest plans on heading up Monday to redo the closet (hubby needs more clothing space) honest!!! lol and my son will prime and paint our bedroom. Oh boy, hubby says to me, "I didn't plan on leaving you to be bothered with any of this." Right!! who is going to remove all our stuff from the closet and bedroom. The one that
wants to be able to find everything to put it all back. So my house will be in upheaval for the New Year. What a beginning!!

I am grateful I have my health and a willing son to be able to do this. Down with the Christmas tree and all the trimmings packed away before I begin. So today will be busy, busy!!

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