Monday, December 22, 2008


I awoke this morning in my own bed with our doggie laying at our feet. Something not allowed by hubby, but he did make an exception since we were away for a week.

I have been reflecting on life. I am so blessed, most of us in the US are blessed beyond measure. We just don't realize it and begin to complain and moan and groan about anything.
When I found myself complaining while away I was constantly reminded that the purpose for this trip was different. "CHANGE" being willing to accept what-come-may AND thanking God for that moment. Of course I failed so many times but kept getting better about what was most significant in my life bc God would not leave me alone - in a good way of course.

Friendships, family, relationships - all the God-stuff. One of my best purchases was on Grenada - a Caribbean gospel cd - which i am playing right now.

If you are reading this at any time consider yourself a blessing in my life. One I am grateful and don't want to take for granted.


Jacq said...

Welcome home, sounds like you had a wonderful trip. You are right we are all truly blessed.

Sandy..... said...

Yesterday must have been a compassion for pups day! With holiday visiting, etc... ours was in her cage for quite a while..and then our 11 yr spent the night with "gran". When we got home, hubby kept "cooing" her... and let her sleep...
are you ready...?
In our son's bed!!! lol (felt bad for her - but not bad ENOUGH to let her sleep with us, I guess)

Fannie said...

Good to have you back home and safe. I'm sure you had a great time.

Ditto what Jacq said--we are truly blessed.

You are a blessing in my life.