Monday, December 15, 2008

St Thomas-God Challenging

You know how you just want to have everything work out as planned. Well I have to laugh bc that is not what God has planned on this cruise. We are enjoying each other - the most important thing. Last night saw a comedian - don't we need to laugh more?!! We were an hour and half late leaving port - waiting on folks to board - so after 12:30 we went to bed. Didn't get to see ship leaving port.

Today we did go to Peter's Great House - but - you know when you have experienced something and then changes occur. Things are just ever so slightly different. Well - we did get to see the Botanical Gardens but they stopped the tours inside the home. Bummer bc this house is gorgeous. God had other plans for us. At the top of the mountain we took pics with some unsavory characters - pirates and scalawags. lol

We are not back on ship where we will probably stay for the rest of the day. We are both tired and wanting to sit on our balcony. But we should found out our excursion for tomorrow has been cancelled so another change.

Hubby hates change. God loves to lead with us following.

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