Friday, December 26, 2008

SanJuan Kitty Brigade

Sentinel Cat Guarding the Entrances.

During our visit to San Juan we walked the long sea-side path to the end where you could see the fort. All along the route were stray cats being taken care of by the national park service. You could see kitty food and bottles of water with trays for them.

Look closely at the top picture - do you see the small opening in the rock wall. Amazing that a cat could jump up there but in the bottom pic you can see his little face peering out to the unwelcomed guesses along the path. This was really fascinating to me.

Even in the sidwalk that was poured with concrete you could see kitty paw prints. I have two pictures of that too. So to all my kitty-lover friends this is a tribute to your furry friends.

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Sue said...

Wow! Awesome camouflage...I wouldn't have seen the cat if you hadn't pointed her out.