Saturday, December 06, 2008


I won this issue on FAT Gadgets and Gizmos night from Leilani.

Thank you dear friend. How thoughtful of you to give some really

great magazine issues away as gifts. I can't wait to dig into this

issue. I usually look at the mag when I go into B&N but nothing

ever inspires me to buy the mag. I had not seen this issue and

there are lots of interesting articles - anyone for snow dyeing?!

Day 7 - 20 grateful things

1) shopping - not how about it being at your fingertips is necessary
3) clothes on ridiculous sale price pair of shorts $3.20
5) dinner with hubby being able to buy son on duty his dinner
7) safety of my son while working road God's protection
9) conflict situations that build character God knows best
11) trusting in God's decision not going my own way
13) sticking in there to work it through friends offer for dinner
15) hubby helping others another work week for hubby finished
17) doggie going for a walk after months of not waiting to see vet
19) conversations with sons my son's sweet girlfriend and her love


Jacq said...

Lucky you. I have always enjoyed this magazine.

Sherry said...

Yes, lucky you. Enjoy.