Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maids-a-Milking and Breast Cancer 5k Walk Aboard

We toured a different part of Grenada than we had visited 2 years ago. The island's economy is worse. Their banana trees are being destroyed by some kind of insect. I love this island bc of the beautiful colors in the homes. All colors of paint - a true melting pot.

Before we could get off this morning they had a medical emergency - it seemed to be a heart attack. We prayed for this older gentleman and his family. Hopeful it turned out to be nothing.

The 12 Days of Christmas ornaments are amazing. So far GvN's "maids-a-milking" touched my heart the most. She gave tribute to Breast Feeding mother's. And today on the ship they will have a 5K Susan Koman Breast Cancer walk. Each ornament holds a special place in my heart bc of the artists making it. Which brings me to what I buy on the islands and why. I look for local artists and purchase a piece of their art -whatever that might be. Today I bough a poem book and yesterday I bought a hand carved nativity ornament plus a beautiful native doll.

The Dominican artist shared if the doll has one know in her hair scarf it signifies she is single, two knots and she is engaged, if the scarf knots are three you are married. My doll has three knots bc the artist was married and makes only 3-knotted dolls. How interesting.

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