Friday, December 12, 2008

Drummers Drumming

how unique every ornament is. This little ornament has paper
musical notes, a felted drum with beading and the crazy "pom pom" yarn, which I love. On the back lk put the little song with the cutest bunny fabric for backing.
Today is it, i have run out of time. I have so much to do before i leave early in the morning. Hubby has given me a list to try an accomplishment while he is at work. Oh boy! rushing around like
a chicken with my head cut off. i did begin a list - a very important list of addys to send postcards - if i can find them from each island. The hunt will begin tomorrow. We will be visiting 2 new islands.
Hubby may one day get his wish - to visit every Caribbean island.


Sherry said...

Have fun Dove. Be Safe. You will be missed!! Hugs and Love to you.

Fannie said...

Have a fun trip, Dove!

Lovely ornaments!

Jacq said...

Have a great trip, I hope you find some sunshine.