Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Memories

God so longs to give us the desires of our heart when they align with His Love for the world. My hubby had longed to see a friend from childhood. He had finally given up on trying to reach him since he had moved away to Key West, Florida.

Well you know God. Yesterday hubby went home to walk the streets of his beloved homeplace. He spotted a person in behind his friend's mom's home. And guess what!! He was able to spend several hours visiting with his friend.

His friend has reconciled himself to the fact that his days on earth are not too much longer. He is only in his late 40's. He realizes his organs are shutting down and he is heavily medicated. His wife just lost her job. But his outlook is so positive. My hubby needed to see and hear this coming from his dear friend. We hope to visit him for a little while on Friday.

This is another pic from days gone by. My hubby still has this classical guitar he received that year for Christmas. And now all my sons share the joy of music and playing too. If you were to enlarge this pic in the bottom left hand corner you would see an Easy Bake box. His sister obviously received a very popular gift that year too.

REMEMBER: every day is a blessing from God
Merry Christ-mas

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Merry Christmas, Dove!