Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dominica Set Sail

Today was wonderful bc our excursion wasn't shcheduled until 10:30am. We were able to see the Mother and Father Falls in the rainforest. The flowers were beautiful and to be honest I could have stayed there listening to the water all day. So peaceful

We were very blessed to be put in the two front seats of the van. Usuall we are in the back and can't see anything. I felt like a queen. lol. We are headed for Grenada.

See you Under The Stars where P.S. I love You is not playing. Heading off to meet my hubby who is watching the ship pull out of port.


Fannie said...

Great to keep tabs on you during your cruise, Dove. Take care, take lots of photos and take it easy!

Sherry said...

You are a beautiful Queen, Dove. Glad you are having a nice time.