Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camera Software

I wish someone could help me on this. My camera upload software
expired. Now do I renew or use something else. But what? I don't
know how to search or find something. What are you guys using?

This pic is awful bc I scanned the leaves on my printer; then
uploaded them to my blog.

I really love the one leaf with the "legend" face bc it pays tribute
to Nj's daughter, Eden and her love for "The Giving Tree." Inside
running down the middle is a straw with a message (paper glued
to a toothpick). Also running down the middle is a piece of metal
wire and on both ends hanging out are the words "Give" and
"love". Around the clay face I glued on more pieces of cutout
What do you think about my Chiquita in the upper left corner?
ps - I balanced out to the penny working the ticket booth. Yahoo!!!


Fannie said...

Wow, balanced to the penny--congrats!

I think there are free software that will help you upload images from your camera. Your computer may already have it installed.

Nice art.

Jacq said...

It looks like you are having a fun time creating. You are always doing something out there on the edge. Congrats on winning the subscription.

Maggie R said...

Hi Dove,
Thought it was about time I popped by...
LOVE these leaves...Beautiful work, as always.. I saw another Blogger a member of FAT doing the same thing.I commented that i hadn't been there for awhile. Time goes by all too quickly.
Must go see what else you have been up to.;-}