Thursday, August 14, 2008

Answers To Prayer

Yesterday was an awesome but tiring day for my son and me. Three things that were very important to me were answered by God. He's so amazing. Right at the very beginning there was a church we passed on the way into campus. I commented on checking that church out last year on line. When we went through all the display tables there was a table I was drawn to first. One of the guys manning it graduated from VCU, so he is alumni, and attending the same church. My son and this guy seemed to hit it off from the beginning. He even shared with my son how he had wanted the School of the Arts but was in tv/media production. I just really feel this man will be an important person in my son's life in days to come.

During the Academic Overview the advisor introducing this section was very knowledgable and his appearance/style drew me into what he was sharing with the new students. He mentioned he would get some of the students during their personal advisor session. Right then I prayed and ask God to let this person be the advisor for my son. There was something about him I felt my son needed to hear more from him. My son's appt was for 12:30. So we left and went to the dining hall to eat together. Their dining hall was very nice, clean and the food fantastic.

When we went back to the hall where the advisors were meeting with the students we had to wait. It was going on 1pm and I was wondering if they had forgotten my son bc others behind him had been called in. BUT God had set the wheels in motion. The advisor I ask God to provide for my son stepped out and called my son by name. This advisor drew my son right into the class selections for his major. Not only that but he made a call to get him in a closed class. He placed several other calls for us not pertaining to classes so we wouldn't have to do it later. My son really liked this guy. What a big answer to prayer for me.

And my other concern bc there are 32,000 students in such a confined area was would there still be parking spaces left. I didn't want my son going to class everyday wondering where he would park. They had one parking deck left not too far from his classes, he and I both felt like a parking deck was better than a parking lot. Another answer to prayer.

Well we were exhausted but on our way home after a long, productive day. I feel great about all the college experience so far. It even drew me into an excitement for myself in taking some classes but closer to home.

The icing on the cake: my son went with his dad and I out to dinner. We just talked. He is such an awesome young man.

Thank You God so much for loving me and most of all loving my son, your son.

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Sue said...

So glad your prayers were answered. Sounds like your son will be happy and enjoy school. How exciting!