Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Great-Auntie

Yesterday I received this wonderful goodie bag of
baby gifts I ordered from Sherry. I can't wait to mail
it out to my sister. She is a first-time grandmother.
Little Marc is going to look so cute wrapped in his
minkie blankie.

Christian Celebrities

I was watching an interview with Sinbad. He mentioned in his early years he started out being a dirty comedian. But once when his father came to watch his act, he knew he had to clean up his act before his father. He talked about being in Hollywood and the people there saying he is not "controversial" enough; that he's too "clean". I think he meant by controversial that he didn't do the raunchy, vulgar, low standards comedy so many comedians do today.

He is a great actor and comedian, who lives Jesus. I had to laugh as he told the stories of wanting to go through "his" door instead of the one God had picked out for him. He was so real sharing about his anger with God.

REAL, yeah, How REAL can you get with those around you?
Can you be yourself? I found myself shying away from telling a young man
at work that tore tendons in his arm that I would pray for him.
But that is who I am. Why would I want to deny God and His gifts through prayer?


Jacq said...

Great post. Have you read the book "Shack"? I am just finishing it and our book club at church will be discussing it Thursday evening. It is a wonderful story.

Sherry said...

Don't shy away Dove. Do and say what you feel in your heart. The person on the receiving end may not know God as you do, but you shouldn't hold back. I don't! I did a t-shirt with Whatever embroidered on it. The "Whatever" comes from Philippians 4:8 and I get a kick out of people that comment on it. They first think of the kids version of whatever, then when I tell them it came from the Bible, they hush immediately.

Sue said...

Coming from one who is just venturing into the world of prayer, I say go ahead and be yourself! I have been so comforted lately when my friends and co-workers say they'll pray for me. Speaking from my experience only, I tend to be shy around people who openly admit their faith only because I am a little embarrassed that I don't have the same level of belief. It's definitely not that I am offended.