Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colliding With His Love

I don't usually do Halloween stuff. But this little ATC is a primitive felt black cat with a paper background. I did the paper painting some time back. The trim is actual binding cut down and glued around the edges. I used different markers to add the words on the background. The little purple wiskers are some kind of fishing line from the tackle shop.

At 2am this morning I flicked my tv channel over to 20 and kept it there for a second. Actually it was just long enough to see my son's church's service on air. As I continued to watch I saw my son in the praise team singing. To see my son raise his hands to worship Almighty God was, well, must I say, I felt the tears well up inside me. I am so thankful for God never giving up on any of us and continuing to draw us to Him. As I type this post I am listening to one of the songs my son has recorded. From the depths of his soul he writes, as many of us paint, draw, stitch, sew, and alter to create our art.

Nothing will ever satisfy me like my relationship with Jesus Christ. Its there that I find consolation when none seems to be found in this crazy world. To Him I owe my life.

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