Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God's Blessing in Son's Music

Hallow Eve

I said it once but I'll say it again. I don't usually do anything Halloween but "G" needs a few ATCs for display in her star book. So here is another "primitive" scary house ATC. The background is the textured painted gravel. Its actually a copy of the original gravel piece. I just love that texture!!

I've added a few bats, dead flowers on the sides of the house and of course a pumpkin. The house is aglow waiting.

God's Blessing

My oldest called with some great news. His church praise leader called him and ask him if he would co-lead tomorrow night. Its too short notice for me to get off work and get to the beach to see him. That was what he asked his dad and I to do - come see him. Oh boy!! what a heart disappointment for me. I asked him if they do video to get me a copy. Its not the same as seeing him in person. He was so excited and realized God is blessing him.


Fannie said...

This is wonderful, Dove. Halloween has many "artsie" possibilities, doesn't it? I'm sure your friend "G" will enjoy this scary house ATC. Great texture!

Good news about your oldest!

Jacq said...

Your scary house looks great. I love all the fun things you have done with it.