Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's A Fairey Got to Do With a Car

I've been practicing my drawing. I'm playing with the fairies. And this
is so much fun. But I need a better eraser so my lines do not show.
I had another fantastic day watching my son and hubby test drive a new Scion. They brought it up to the house and little man gave me a ride in it. It's a stick instead of automatic. I wasn't sure he could drive a straight.
Surprise, surprise. Its really a beautiful little car for him driving back and forth to college. It has a sun roof and other than that its basic. He wants white. My hubby said he wishes I could have seen our son's face when they arrived at the dealership. You see this son never asks for anything.
My hubby didn't buy it right away. But later told me he would love to totally surprise our son by buying it and bringing it into our backyard, sending him out to get something in the shed and SURPRISE! the car would be sitting there!!! Not sure that will happen but I love the spirit of my hubby to bless our son.
Our middle son came over today and told his dad "Hey dad you and I need to spend some time together." Next week hubby is off all week from work - son is off Tues thru Thurs. I can see some quality together-time coming. It will be good for all of them since I will have to work.

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