Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unfinished Olympic Inchies

She's GOLD
I didn't make the FAT Olympic inchie trade. But I am still
working on mine. The first one is the circular inchie gold
medal. Three of the inchies will make up an Olympic participant.
This one is a swimmer. The little crown on her head is a found
earring. I am going to wire the three inchies together. So far I
like what I have created.

Now I think I will retire to bed since I have a sickening headache or its
more a bad shoulder/headache. Its from working tonight. I was short
$3.00 and I knew exactly when I did this one. How frustrating!!


Sherry said...

So glad to see you are creating again. Your swimmer is great and can't wait to see it completed and wired together.

Sue said...

I love this! Especially the earring crown!