Saturday, August 30, 2008

Altered Inspirational Women Book

Back in 2007 I did a postcard exchange with the theme "Inspirational Women". I was reminded of the trade bc I am in the process of preparing my first IW AB RR. The initials stand for Inspirational Women Altered Book Round Robin. I am looking forward to this new adventure as there are so many firsts I will be experiencing.
I had chosen an old Labor Law book from 1905 as my first choice. But when I began to glue and alter it the pages tore and fell apart.
So I have chosen an ole' Baptist Hymnal to alter. I think this was suppose to be the one all along. With the amazing, daily happenings in my oldest sons life dealing with music I think it is totally the right one. Each one of my family members are musical also. I love the musical Sound of Music and one of my first pages will be a take-off on that.
My first inspiring woman will be a tribute to my friend Fannie, whose family is musical also. I chose Fanny Crosby as my first woman of inspiration. She wrote over 8000 songs under 100 different pseudonyms. The most amazing thing about her was she became blind shortly after birth. My first altered page will be page 42 in the hymnal. Page 41 is her song To God Be the Glory. I love that song. The last part of the chorus goes like this:
"O come to the Father, thro' Jesus the Son,
And give Him the glory,
great things He hath done. Amen."
That brings back childhood memories growing up in a Southern Baptist church singing the ole' hymns. I remember all the ladies wearing their fancy hats to church on Sunday. I can see my granny in her little pill box hat right now. What a time to be growing up in.

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Fannie said...

What a great project. I look forward to watching its progress. Firsts are exciting! Good for you.

I am humbled by your honor. 8000 songs! WOW! That's fantastic. Let's see, we both could combine and invite other blogger/friends to participate, and we could all create a total of 8,000 blog posts in our lifetime . . . ;-D

I wore a white hat with a white satin ribbon embellished with daisies to church on Sundays as a little girl. Great memories.

Give Him the glory . . .

It's been fun watching you evolve, Dove. Keep flying!