Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home-ing Pigeon

Here are some great pieces of art work from Pilar. I won them on her birthday blog. The two in the middle are magnets. Aren't they great.

She has really worked to make the backgrounds interesting. I wonder how long it took her to create the backgrounds alone. My favorite magnet is the one on the bottom.

I have more I'll show you tomorrow. Pilar lives in California. Thank you Pilar for hostessing your birthday give-away.

Now I must run to get ready for work. The humidity here today is aweful and I seem to have a headache from it. But I will keep going. Prayers please since I will be in the ticket booth dealing with money. Don't you hate it when you're not on your "A" game? I guess the "A" game means you are running on all cyclinders and half of mine are functioning today. I'll do my best. That is all anyone can ask.

You can tell Fall is just around the corner. Out my window yesterday at work, I was on the golf course, I watched our new addition. A beautiful white pigeon has made his home on hole #3.
The players were fascinated with him. He is having difficulty flying but he can make it to the top of the water fall and perches in that area. Have a great day, off to work I go.

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Fannie said...

Wonderful treasures!