Friday, August 29, 2008

Moonlight Over Williamsburg

I'm not sure if you can enlarge one of these. This pic is one I had taken early one morning from my backyard while standing on my deck. The moon is shining through the trees. So a fun, quick way to make an ATC is to use a program, such as my scrapbook program, upload the pic and add a little whimsy with clipart. I call this "Moonlight Over Williamsburg". I think I will add a fun, Halloween word on the front, attach black felt on the back along with my label and send them to "G".

"G" is helping an entrepreneur friend that is opening a gift/paper/stamping store in her hometown. I'll suggest she use these as a gift to others interested in her star book and ATCs on opening day.

My Son's Blessings
of course he knows what to say to make his mother cry. My oldest has been so blessed this week in his calling with music. His church worship leaders are given him great opportunities to move in his gifting of music. He said, "I think of you and dad all the time, mom, bc if it weren't for you helping me I couldn't do what I am doing. I am thankful to you." Then he went on to tell me how they have ask him to assist with praise and worship with the youth this weekend. He will also be a lead singer during Sunday's service.
But what I love most of all is this: The people that have seen and heard him say to him,
"We love your spirit and how you worship God.
Any one can sing and play but its the spirit in you that makes the difference."
Now that made me cry again. My hubby and son and his girl friend are planning on going to the beach on Sunday to church service to be with our son. I wish I could go but I will be pulling a double duty at work and can't get out of that. My heart could not be full of any more joy even if I did get to see him on Sunday. Its the fact that he is doing what he has always been called to do. And he knows how much I love him and pray for his fullness in Christ.
i even laughed when he told me the story of his business building electricity totally going out on Wednesday. Something that never happens. He said, "Mom I know God did that so I could get to church early. I had spent my lunch time praying to God that no matter what time I got there or what happened I would still worship Him bc it wasn't about me." That's what my son said.
Divine Intervention - I love that!!!
When we see a person's heart it makes all the difference.


Sherry said...

That pic is so cool. So refreshing to hear of young folks with such deep beliefs. Good is God! You are truly a blessed woman.

Jacq said...

What a great picture.