Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shaping A Future Generation

This journal I made in Sue's class is going to be given to the friend
who lost her son in a car accident several weeks back. When I made this journal I selected the word "Jamestown" cut from our local newspaper and put it on the journal. I used the "health/medical" man symbol and the phrase "help shape future" on the cover.

Ok here is the strange but yet perfect journal for this mom. She is a physical therapist and natureopathic teacher. And the high school her son attended is named
Jamestown High School. Don't you think this is an appropriate and meaningful gift for her. I
think it is just like God to tug at my heart to give this away. I had actually put it on my shelf and forgot about it until ......

The other day I heard she and her hubby are going to begin ministering to the students at Jamestown. She could probably use an empty, new journal.

My acronym for SHAPE - Share Hope And Pray Eternally.
Today I spent the entire day at College orientation with my youngest son. It was an exhausting day walking all around campus to complete his paperwork. BUT I so enjoyed being with my son and sharing lunch and just good quality time with him for an important day in his life. He is an awesome son!!
I think they need to make it a treasure hunt or some fun game like a maze to solve. I wonder if I lost any weight walking? lol
He will definitely need his own car, driving 100 miles per day for 4 days. Well, he sold his motorcycle and now we are working on our end to make that possible.
He went to dinner with his dad and I tonight too. I so enjoy listening to his heart.


Kim said...

Oh Dove, I remember taking my daughter to college, and seeing my son graduate from bootcamp... aren't we parents lucky people? My children are so precious, I am amazed at their wonderful qualities and personalities.
I think the journal is awesome too... seems a perfect gift. Your friends are quite lucky, and I bet they know it!

Sue said...

Perfect for her; I'm sure she'll cherish it.