Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Bird Watching

This is a little blurry but I loved watching this bird get his food. The feeders have been full this week. One flits away and two more come back.

My oldest has been so blessed with a personal touch from God this week. He has shared some great stories with me that just make me cry and bring me to my knees. Here's one:

Today we were talking and he hasn't had much work this week so money is slack. He was praying and telling God He had to do something bc my son was doing all he could do. A friend here called him and said he wanted to come down to church tonight. And that he had a card to give him that he had been carrying for months from his parents. When my son opened the card there was a $50.00 gift card from Wawa for gas.

My son called to share the story of his gift from God through this family. Why are we surprised when God answers our prayer and quickly at that? Why?

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Sherry said...

Dove, looks like we've all been blessed this week. I'm so happy for your DS and I feel like a new person this morning without feeling a burdon.