Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Doodling, The Date 8-8-08

This is about the extint of my artistic ability right now. My doodle man was made one day while at work. I was playing with colored pencils and a new set of pencils given to me by a friend for face painting.
Many in the Christian realm realize that 8-8-08 is an important day in God's Kingdom. The number eight means "new beginnings." I've heard so many interpretations on this.
Numbers are significant to God. What do you think 888 will bring into the worldly realm? I know I am believing for new beginnings in my life.

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DeBee said...

Go, Doodle-Man! Maybe he's our new Superhero with the super power of making bubbles, encouraging the freedom of doodling and making people giggle with joy! He is so colorful and whimsical. Keep doodling! (Maybe Doodle-Man will receive a sidekick?)