Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flourishes and Ornaments

I love flourishes and ornaments. So
I've been practicing with the new glaze
pens I bought on Friday. I love the feel
of the pens and the colors are great. I wonder if I can incorporate these into some of my works?
This post is short bc I work from 10am until 11pm today. See you later!
My oldest son came home yesterday for a short period of time. But it was great seeing him, he changed his hair style and color. He looked great. I loved listening to him practice his music for church today. One day I want to go down and surprise him during the church service. I want to see him leading worship in song. Have a God-day bc He created it. Look for the good in all.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness, Dove, that's a long day at work. Hope you had a good day and that you can relax a bit on Monday. I'll bet your doggy will be chomping at the bit for a walk with you!

Jacq said...

Your flourishes look great. Hope you don't have to work that many hours very often.