Friday, July 25, 2008

Olympic Medal

One Dream - One World

This is the Olympic slogan.

I am working on my FAT Olympic inchies - one is going to be a 1 1/2 inch coin or gold medallion medal made from my paper/muslin/tissue paper collection. The center is a round felt pad to put underneath your chairs to protect your floors.

Here is a sample but I am going to build up the face of the medal a little bit more. And if everything goes my way the inchies will be wired together to make one symbol. We'll see how that goes.

God IS Listening
My oldest son just called to tell me this happening in his life. He had forgotten his ID to cash his company check so he went home and was traveling back to his work. On the way he was thinking how great it would be to have a Starbuck's treat but he knows that is considered a luxury in his life right now. He stopped in the bank to cash his check and there is a wonderful lady in there that just loves my son.
She said to him, "Wait I have something for you. I know how much you love Starbucks so I have a $20.00 gift certificate for you." He said to me, "Mom, not only was I able to buy myself one but buy one for a friend too." Now I have to share with you he had me in tears. My son was able to bless someone else through a gift God sent his way. How AMAZING IS OUR GOD!!


Sue said...

How wonderful for your son and you, too. You have a wonderful family!

Sherry said...

He is definitely amazing!

Kim said...

And His children too! Blessings, Kim